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Living life on the edge… of the page

Short, sweet introduction to a new record of life’s little instances that may otherwise be forgotten.  I currently work another more detailed, and specific, blog about natural history, nature, and wildlife. This gets updated very infrequently (hope to change that) because it takes a few weeks to gather the info, pictures, and thoughts that I want to convey. This particular installment will (hopefully) be updated each evening with the events that I have perused during the day. Magazines, newspapers, meetings, movies, books, or anything else that is going on may make its way into these posts. Inspirations people (for me, anyway), thought provoking quotes I hear during the day. I keep a journal anyway, but as most people in the 21st century, I am around electronics more often. As much for me as anyone out there, if your interested come along, I will be stepping into the dark room of my mind to see what develops. Feel free to come along, the ticket’s free.

  Buy the ticket, take the ride–Hunter S. Thompson.