Collected here is a cross section of projects I have worked on over the years. Most of these are in rough (or worse) draft conditions so there may be mistakes as small as misspellings or as large as missing notes.


Siamang Ethology
Sea Rim Estates


The Permian, the Delaware Sea, and the Capitan Reef
Age of Jackson test #1
Age of Jackson Test #2
Age of Jackson Test #3
Death’s Men- Soldiers of the Great War.
Paleo Book report The Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt
Queen Victoria
The Era of the Common Man
The Ghost Map
The Victorian Internet
Roy Chapman Andrews and the Central Asiatic Expeditions That Made Him Famous


History as Realism in the Short Story
Firs Quotations
The Turning of a Tide- Huey P Long
Big Bend National Park, Its geologic history and historical interpretation


“From ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ to Genocide to the ‘Final Solution’- “Women and the Holocaust.”
19th Century Europe Bibliography
Ancient Civ. final
Animals in Ancient Rome.
Charles Darwin has Tea with God
Colonial Trade
Dreyfus Affair
Gnawing at History- The Rhetoric of the Holocaust Denial
Hitler’s Pope- The Secret History of Pope Pius XII
The Nazi Doctors- Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide The Order of Terror- The Concentration Camp
Uneasy Bedfellows- Science and Politics in the Refutation of Koch’s Bacterial Theory of Cholera


American Circus and Popular Culture
Benjamin and William Franklin- Father and Son, Patriot and Loyalist Gandhi
Henry E Dickhaut
Interpreting Pre-canal Planning and British Financial Involvement in Works Published Before and After the Suez Crisis.
Reimagining Indians
The Shoemaker and the Tea Party
Tools of Empire- Technology and European Imperialism in the Nineteenth Century.


Master’s Thesis: The People’s Zoo: William M. Mann, the National Zoo, and the Birth of American Wildlife Conservation, 1889-1960

Knowledge Construction Across Cultures
A Mother’s Part Dissecting Anatomy
Ginning Cotton and Slavery Veils
Going Dutch- Trade in Asia
Historical Geology
Instrumental Instruments
Monkeys and Medicine- Separating Fact and Folklore
On the Laws of Nature
On Their Own Terms
Paleoanthropology and the Communist Agenda
Pepper- The World’s Most Traded Spice
Problems with Provincialization
Rudolf II and His Imperial Prague bibessay
Science of Nature- Examining Aristotle
Science’s Surname
Spies, Dyes, and Leaves- Agro-Intermediaries review
Sun Signs and Heliocentrism
Technology and the Imperial Court
The Daktar is In
The Printing Revolution
Theories of the Earth
Third Motion


Progressive Science in the Progressive Era
A Cult of Modernity
Art for Art and Natural History Brethren A Brief Museum Comparison
Our Founding Fossils
The Breve Compendio de Sphera y la Arte de Navegar Sacrobosco’s De Sphaera goes to Spain.
Wings- A Material History


Isidore of Seville

Master’s Thesis:The Gilded Skull in England’s Closet: Displaying Human Evolution at the American Museum of Natural History

Framing the East with the West
American Expeditionary Artist Authenticity and Authority in American Western Art in the 1830s


Beyond the Anthropology-using the primitive to highlight the modern
Animating the Other-Drawing Indians on Film and TV
Rear Window


From Tusks To Treasures
Private Collections. Public Trust
My so-called digital Life

Comprehensive Exams Reading List (2016)


Exam Question 1
Exam Question 2
Exam Question 3

Stovall Mammal Article. The Oklahoman interview Nov. 23, 1930 (transcribed from Scan)


Dissertation: Ordering Wonder: Collections, Curators, and Showmen in Antebellum America (uploaded to a library repository.)

Art, Science, History; Cartoons, Comics, Culture