Museum Perks and Advertising Have Arrived

Keeping with the tradition of telling everyone what it going on today I received my shipment of perks to send out to the donors for the project and my business cards and magnets.

First, the perks for those that helped me pass my indiegogo goal: Stickers, magnets, and T-shirts (oh, my).

The Stickers

The business card-sized magnets

The simple yet elegant T-shirt

A few other things that I will share are the things that local folks should be on the look out for in the near future: 

Business Cards Front and Back 

Large Magnets to go on the car. –The Mobile part of the mobile museum

Here they are, blurry, but on the refrigerator for scale. 

Thanks, yet again, to all those who have shared the project, donated to the project, and/or offered encouraging words to the project’s director. Soon these posts will be about the pieces in the museum, the places I give talks, and the people I meet!

Here is a last closeup of the shirt: 

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