The Real Ghostbusters Marvel UK
1-193 scanned and saved for posterity. Slowly tracking down the holiday specials and collected issues now.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Archie 1-72 and Extras
IDW has almost completed their re-release of these as trade paperbacks, but they don’t save the amazing 90s ads so I’ve scanned them, as well as manually collected the issues to make Future Tense a color release without the duplicate page problem.

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      1. Hi

        Thanks for doing this. If you really want to fill a gap have you considered scanning all the Fleetway Hero Turtles comics? They contained original stories, not just Archie ones.

  1. Hi James,
    Just a quick thank you for all your hard work in digitising the full run of Marvel UK’s The Real Ghostbusters – I really appreciate how long that takes. This has been super useful to me, as this was the only major title that I was unable to index for my forthcoming Marvel UK history/index work (as you’ll see from my blog, a major work, edited by Dez Skinn no less). I’m now hard at work breaking down all the necessary info now that the nights are (sob) starting to draw in. This will greatly please a former editor who was a bit upset that I hadn’t mentioned the series when he was shown a much, much earlier draft of the book a decade or so back, until I explained that I’d squared this up in the introduction – which he hadn’t seen – as this was one of the titles I hadn’t bought at the time (unlike most of the other ones).
    I’ll make sure that you get a shout-out for all this hard work, which is the very least I can do 🙂
    Can I ask (perhaps pushing my luck) if you’ve been able to make any headway on acquiring any of the specials/collected editions for scanning since you posted the full run of the regular title?
    Kind regards, and all the best with future digital chronicles. Super useful stuff!

    1. Hi Rob, sorry for the late reply, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to track down any of the collections, they are even harder to find and that is compounded by my living in the US! I am glad to hear that this helped out with your project and look forward to seeing that as after taking this on I grew interested in Marvel UK as an entity and how it differed from Marvel more broadly. One person who might be able to help as he is a wealth of information at least from the GB side of things can be found on instagram at theartofrgb and runs a webpage of the same name (a dot com)

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