The Platypus and the Dodo (Facebook)

Sirocco Kākāpō

Skraaarrk! Remembering author Douglas Adams, on his birthday, as a man who cared deeply about the world's endangered species. He was a friend to kākāpō, even if he found us slightly odd...

National Geographic

The big cat silently padded toward the giant anteater and crouched behind it, ready to pounce—when something stopped him.

Opinion | The 8 Million Species We Don’t Know

To reverse extinction and save the planet, we must learn more about all its creatures.

San Diego Zoo

We think you'll really "dig" Zola the aardvark.


The Kakapo, the Sumatran tiger, the vaquita – incredible species are being pushed to the edge of survival.

But there’s another coming to help… | #LacosteSaveOurSpecies ... See more

Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden

"We set up camp outside a rural town, Laisamis, and set off in our Land Cruiser with a driver and ranger to look for zebras. It was very hot, dry and sandy. Not ideal conditions for zebra, but we ... See more

Mirrors have revealed something new about manta rays – and it reflects badly on us

Humans make huge use of marine vertebrates, but manta rays may pass the self-awareness test and other fish potentially could too. Ethically, where does that leave us?

Smithsonian Earth

Hedgehogs are at home in the desert with long legs that can run surprisingly fast!

(Wild Israel: The Negev Desert |

National Geographic

Whatever you do, don't get in this little rhino's way.


This baby echidna is the cutest thing 😍😂

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