The Platypus and the Dodo (Facebook)

Dr. Carin Bondar - Biologist With a Twist

Human drugs could save Tasmanian Devils.

This shows why research in every field matters and how everything in science is interconnected.

BBC Earth

Some very special baby horses. 😍

WildEarth Schools

Moment of the Week: We couldn't stop laughing at this dwarf mongoose playing dead! Have you ever seen this before?


These 13-week-old Sloth Bear brothers at Woodland Park Zoo are tiny adventurers! Read about their first day out of the den on ZooBorns:

American Museum of Natural History

There’s so much more to giant anteaters (Myrmecophaga tridactyla) than their signature long noses. They’re sometimes called ant bears, a nod to their preferred food, but their ant-and-termite ... See more


Keepers at Newquay Zoo are delighted by the recent birth of a unique Six-banded Armadillo pup.

The zoo is one of only ten zoos in the UK to keep Armadillos, and this is the first pup to be born in ... See more

Natural History Museum, London

Male platypuses have a set of sharp spurs that deliver potent #Venom. But when the platypus was first observed by scientists in Europe, the animal's odd combination of features led some to believe it ... See more

Last male northern white rhino dies

Sudan's death at the age of 45 leaves only two females of his subspecies alive in the world.

BBC Earth

Meet Bumblebee and Gnat, the cheekiest little badger orphans you've ever seen... 😍


Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

A close bond between Ali the aardvark and her care team makes it possible to collect milk from her while baby Winsol nurses. Cincinnati Zoo sends milk samples off to the Smithsonian’s National Zoo ... See more

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