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I don't even bother asking questions or looking for explanations anymore. #PaleoPopCulture Jurassic Strike Force 5


If this isn't in Jurassic World whatever they are calling it, they aren't even trying.

“Hey! I’m a mother!”


National Geographic

Well this rumbles a lot of textbooks statistics

The blue whale is touted as the largest animal that ever lived, but the discovery of an enormous 205-million-year-old ichthyosaur suggests that even bigger creatures once roamed the seas.

🎼🎶 It's just another #MammothMonday 🎶 #PaleoPopCulture

Photos from Paleo Porch's post

Some Sunday #PaleoPopCulture and questionable ethics, include this reprint in TMNT Advnetures #71. This isn't Manmoth but it is a mutated caveman whose mammoth skin clothes provide the animal ... See more

I should leave the front room light on so the neighborhood can enjoy the jurassic park silhouettes 😁

Darwin’s fossil mammals: discoveries that sparked the theory of evolution | Digital Collections Programme

I still, and likely always will think of Darwin as a geologist, since that is how I was introduced to him.

Prehistoric reptile pregnant with octuplets

Between 6 and 8 embryos (you'd think that would mean 7, but with everything jumbled about, it is going to take careful scanning and counting to get to a final conclusion).

Palaeontologists have discovered part of the skeleton of a 180 million-year-old pregnant ichthyosaur with the remains of between six and eight tiny embryos between its ribs.

Episode 1: Your Inner Fish | HHMI BioInteractive

This is such a cool program around tiktaalik and the whole series is free to stream here (only in US and Canada though)

PLEASE N​OTE: Due to international distribution restrictions, these programs can only be streamed in the United States and Canada.

Dinosaur family tree radically rearranged

Interesting. If you look at the way certain ornithischians are arranged--higher back ends than lower front it isn't hard to imagine them in the same posture as a T-rex, or the reverse excepting the ... See more

Scientists have proposed a radical reorganisation of the dinosaur family tree, with major implications for our understanding of dinosaur origins and evolution.

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