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The internet, and social media specifically, is a virtual ever-changing minefield of people vying for your money. Earlier this week I saw what has got to be the most ridiculous ad I have ever seen and decided to spend the rest of the week gathering shots of the different storefronts that have me on their algorithm.

November 5th and this comes across my feed:

At first I was like, oh, yes, more of those tiny jackets that don’t actually fit. This is basically me every time I take a chance and order something online anyway so maybe they were moving to truth in advertising? Then I saw his feet. I mean, how extra is this?

As soon as I started talking about them on Facebook, other ads exploded. And this is using screengrabs, not sharing their sponsored posts. These I had seen before, but on another site. My favorite part is that for alternate views of the vests they just mirror the images.

That put me to thinking about all the times I saw the same jacket in another storefront ad. I mean all these are coming from the same place and their cost and shift is all due to how much someone wants to spend on advertising and a digital storefront with an American address that drop ships your order from China.

For instance you can see the same Sesame Street skinned Grover blazer below at the GodiorStore  and Therys.Online.  It’s not just the same garment, it is the same stock photo, and this happens a LOT.

The rest of this is just going to be a collection of the ads that hit my feed from Tues-Friday November 5-8, 2019. These are distinct grabs and any of the duplicate ads I saw (and there were many) were ignored (just scrolled past, if this was an actual study it would be longer and I would hide ads to adjust the algorithms as it went on).

I’ll also add some commentary as this progresses, and try to update if I ever get an answer to this.

Vests came in again, but from a different company than before, same patterns, styles, and models though

Some more of the too-small-to-button blazers again and this time our en pointe friend is selling them for Cicikiss.Fashion. This seems like a good time to remind you never to confuse “fashion” for “style.” “Fashion” in marketing is a lot like “collectible,” anything marketed as either usually isn’t.

And at least two of the suits in the Chisells ad below are the same image as the ones CiciKiss is selling.  Three of them are same suit. 

Here’s GodiorStore again with a single plaid over a turtleneck, at least it buttons.

Wait a minute! There is headless turtleneck plaid man in a ad!


And Fancypeek wants to sell me the one in center of of the Bellapinlove ad.


Secondcamp sponsored this ad

with the exact same half-faced man stock photo JessClub_onlinestore sponsored.

Novaowo and Growiceofficial sharing images and emojis.

And this one seems to be standing on its own for now, though the shop looks familiar, like Fresh Prince living in Benson’s house, and it gets included for the sophisticated men’s clothing moniker of Fasionroro.

Cloudstyle started throwing out heavy patterns and African style on instagram

While facebook moved into Stacy Adams territory with MDZ Fashion

And I wonder is this place uses the same herd of plastic cows that Hot Topic does.

Time for double-breasted coats to come back around, it was a new day after all. 

Wait, what? “Double Row Button” is double-breasted trademarked now? And when has that ever stopped these companies?!

and  here’s one for shoes!

and the suit from The Joker?

This one is interesting because I followed it up to see if they had vests. They do,  just not the one pictured here, because why would they? 

I am going to finish this up with these last two. This has been about 2/3 of the images that I pulled and stores that I noted and I can’t even keep up with them at this point, and it is just more examples of the same thing so there is no use in beating a dead horsehair blazer.

This one was of particular interest because I might one day wish to add a nice periwinkle linen suit to my current summer collection of more than enough Colonel Tom Wolfe Twain suits that I usually wear. The description for this also caught my attention as one of the things I do in the History of Science is note how scientists are portrayed, and this after hours lab narrative here to sell the coat is a great illustration of that. Is it science because it is Bill Nye  blue and there is a bowtie? I have no idea, but the shift to sell men’s clothing with an emotive response to expository writing is fascinating. Scientifique, even.

If you’ve made it this far, here is a bonus payoff that I myself benefitted from following this nonsense. I caught what I thought was a robe on an instagram ad that turned out to be a frock coat that was custom made by some talented-as-hell tailors and clothiers in Denver, Colorado. There is no way I will ever be able to afford anything from them, but I would love to have several.

I’ll bet they could even make the pieces that I was looking for when all this nonsense started. For the record it was a summer frock coat and wardrobe that can be seen in the trailer for he forthcoming Dr. Dolittle film staring Robert Downey Jr. which also led back to searching the original 1967 Rex Harrison one.  So at least give AJ Machete a follow on instagram, if you like to see creativity and brilliance with cloth, you’d be hard pressed to find better.

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